2D / 3D Immersive Training

We Design, Develop, and Deliver Immersive Training that not only performs great on gaming hardware and unrestricted networks, but also behind restrictive firewalls and on modest PCs. Our solutions can scale to thousands of distributed users.

engaging worlds for effective learning

Synchronous Multi-Player Multi-Scenario
Multi-World Management

Our MUVE4D platform enables what we call the “MuveCity Multiverse.” Our world management platform provides the ability to host multiple unique simulation scenarios concurrently, where each scenario may have their own individual certifications, learning objectives, and virtual element(s) management capabilities. Your single, or blended multi-discipline scenarios, whether internal or across state emergency management scenarios, can all co-exist in one coherent platform. Our 3D Content Management System will give you the tools to schedule, facilitate, measure, and manage your scenarios in a seamless intuitive integrated system.

Effective Communication Tools
are the keys to success in every scenario

Effective Communication Tools

One of the cornerstones of effective training is communication. MUVE4D was built from the ground up with communication in mind, creating a seamless natural communication between members in the virtual world.

Our 3D platform provides the best in: Spatial Audio ▪ Point To Point Audio ▪ Expressive Gesture System & Animations ▪ Text Chat ▪ In-World Mail ▪ Person to Room

Web Development
with a focus on responsive design

Web Development

Web development is much more than just building an attractive website. Creative Veteran Productions creates not only compelling and informative websites, but also full stack web applications that can fulfill any company's front facing customer needs as well as back-end business needs.

In designing your website or your web application, we focus our user interfaces design to be responsive to user screens of all sizes. What looks good and works well on your desktop computer must look and work just as well on your cellphone and every screen in between.

creating avatars in your own image


Introducing RIC! The Reconfigurable Immersive Character SDK created by Creative Veteran Productions. RIC is a scalable avatar creator which allows the player to customize their avatar with a high degree of flexibility. It includes over 30 physical attribute modifiers, in addition to a host of smart clothing and accessory options.

CVP built RIC to bring AAA game-like avatar customization to the world of serious gaming, while meeting three unique challenges: modular flexibility, extreme optimization, and multiplatform targeting.

Complete Game Management System
all controlled through an administration portal

Complete Game Management System

Any training system, whether 2D or 3D, requires a high functioning management system for scheduling, assignment, and certification of training. MUVE4D provides a robust and flexible system allowing you to manage your simulations and your training requisites with optional certification access.

Client Testimonial

CVP has performed this contract exceptionally. Each task was delivered ahead of the due date. CVP was very responsive to the COR and the requirements of the contract. Given what I know today about the contractor's ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order's most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future.

V. Wallace, Contract Specialist, Department of Veterans Affairs

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